(Maiori 1884-1952)

Of Luca Albino painting (Maiori 1884-1952) should not deceive the “easy” speed of his copious landscapes of the Amalfi Coast, as a typical view of a street in Ravello, where emerges his painting skills based on loud contrasts. Albino painting, inspired by the typical late-nineteenth-century structures (Migliaro) as in his
Interni di chiesa, comes at the end of ‘30, to a form expansion, a nervous painting with strokes in small touches, which is manifested in the unusual harsh tone of the Torre Normanna di Maiori.


oil on canvas
cm 62,5×49
Salerno, Private collection

Interno di chiesa

oil on canvas
cm 18,5×31
Maiori, Private collection

Torre Normanna di Maiori

oil on canvas
cm 47,5×90
Maiori, Private collection


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