(Maiori 1863 - Salerno 1940)

Of Antonio Ferrigno (1863 Maiori – Salerno 1940) are disclosed some paintings related to years after his return from Brazil (1905) where elements of his training from Gaetano Capone and the sculptor Stanislao Lista are mixed with elements of a twentieth century landscape, from the experience of years abroad: from a realistic approach he comes, among 1910-30, to structures which, using a wide range of colors, accentuate the light depth of landscapes like Paesaggio con roseto (1927), exhibited at the First Art Exhibition of Salerno Artists, and
Costiera da Ravello (early ‘30), and accentuate the light depth of Genre Scenes like In attesa (about 1920).

In attesa

oil on canvas
cm 72×49,8
Maiori, Private collection

Costiera da Ravello

oil on canvas
cm 40×50
Salerno, Private collection

Paesaggio con roseto

oil on canvas
cm 47,5×90
Maiori, Private collection


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