(Maiori 1864 - Vietri sul Mare 1934)

Luigi Paolillo (Maiori 1864 – Vietri sul Mare 1934), belongs to the second generation of Maiori Painters and affirms a pictorial research that arises consciously on another plane than the previous generation of Capone and D’Amato, based a full statement of truth: Ravello. Chiesa di San Martino (Notturno), watercolor on paper dated 1905, attests the overcoming of perspective, respected by realism, preferring an occasional vision, while paintings like Ingresso di Villa Rufolo a Ravello, subject repeated many times by the artist, dated about 1887, in the chipping of form and spatial distortions already shows a meditation on news of European pointillist painting.

Ingresso di Villa Rufolo a Ravello

oil on canvas
cm 30×25
Salerno, Private collection

Chiesa di San Martino (Notturno), 1905

watercolor and tempera on paperboard
mm 240×150
Salerno, Private collection


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