(Maiori 1845-1924)

Of Gaetano Capone (Maiori 1845-1924), master of Maiori Painters, are disclosed two representative works, both dating to the early XX century; there are two watercolors on paper: first is a replica of the painting presented with the title Viv’ o’ Re! to the National Expo of Turin in 1884, purchased in the same year by King Umberto I and now in the Capodimonte Museum in Naples; second In giardino ad Amalfi is a typical example of genre painting, which shows, passing the realistic poetry, a subsidiary sensitivity in the portrayal of popular subjects, as in the figure of the peasant working in a garden in Amalfi, harvesting lemons.

In giardino ad Amalfi

watercolor on paperboard /

mm 290×460
Maiori, Private collection

Studio per Viv’ o’ Re!

watercolor on paperboard /

mm 315×480
Maiori, Private collection


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